About Us

The International Law and Policy Society (ILPS) of NLUO is a pedagogical society focusing on international conventions, regulations, and recent developments. International law, according to us, is of paramount importance, primarily because it helps countries throughout the world maintain cordial relations with each other and initiate access to fundamental human rights. The primary aim of our society is to spread adequate awareness about the various facets of international law.

ILPS has, via research, working papers, publications, seminars, webinars, conferences, projects, and engagement provided a platform for intellectual dialogue on contemporary issues of public international law and foreign policy.

We at ILPS aim to rejuvenate consciousness amongst the masses through our ILPS posts, blogs, and monthly newsletters. The blogs focus on all the cardinal changes in the international law arena, and the newsletter aims to cover all the major updates of a particular month and streamline them accordingly for better understanding. All these are student-edited and are kept up-to-date by the members of our society working together.

Our society, through the website, expects to interact with an array of parties, including scholars, universities, think tanks, and intergovernmental organizations.


During my tenure as Convenor of the Society, I had the honor of leading an exceptional team of individuals who shared a common dedication to our mission.

Together, we embarked on a journey of growth and achievement, laying the foundation for a legacy of excellence. Our initiatives were ambitious yet purposeful. We inaugurated our activities with a distinguished guest lecture featuring Professor Steve Ngo, setting the tone for a series of intellectually stimulating events. The introduction of an essay writing competition focusing on international law and policy was a groundbreaking endeavor, promoting academic discourse and innovation within our community. Additionally, our comprehensive four-day lecture series, featuring esteemed speakers such as Ambassador Gautam Mukhopadhyaya, served as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, enriching the academic experience of our peers.

Central to our vision was the dissemination of awareness regarding global issues and policy dynamics. Through the consistent delivery of monthly newsletters and regular updates on social media platforms, we aimed to engage and inform our audience, ensuring that the Society played a pivotal role in shaping the intellectual landscape of our university and beyond.

As I reflect on our collective achievements, I am filled with pride for the progress we have made. The continued success of the Society is a testament to the dedication and hard work of its members. I extend my best wishes to the Society for its future endeavors and encourage all members to uphold the values of excellence and commitment that have defined our journey thus far.