Online Workshop on the Afghan Debacle : Deconstructing Foreign Policy, Seurity, Terrorism and International law

ILPS had conducted an online workshop titled “The Afghan Debacle – Deconstructing Foreign Policy, Security, Terrorism, and International Law” in collaboration with the Indian Forum for Public Diplomacy (IFPD) in the month of December 2021.

The topic was of contemporary relevance within the international community and continues to be one of the most widely debated issues around the globe.

This workshop was a humble effort to deconstruct the Afghan crisis to equip young minds on the nuances of major geopolitical developments in Afghanistan and their implications for India’s Foreign Policy and was conducted over a span of 6 days and it ensured the delivery of a series of lectures from experts on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan ranging from issues on Foreign Policy, Terrorism and Militant Competition, Human Rights, Gender, and International Law among others. These experts included Ambassadors Neelam Deo, Ashok Sajjanhar and Gautam Mukhopadhaya and Mr. Gazi Hassan, Mr. Rohith Narayan, Dr. Srinivas Burra, Dr. Shreyas Deshmukh, Dr. Vivek Mishra, Ms. Humaira Rasuli and Dr. Saumya Uma.